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Aming Alagang Hayop

We love pets! On this page we'll describe them and their special place in our life.

Our Pet Dogs

We have two dogs - Butet and Bonbon, both gifts of friends.  We have a cat taken from the dumps.  Now this cat acts like the owner of our house.


Butet, our half-Japanese Spitz dog


Bonbon, our Retriever dog given by Boboy Sabarez

By Kara Resurreccion


Hi, my name is Kara. I would like to tell you about my new pet dog named Butet. I am studying in Fairview Baptist Academy. One day, my classmate Sarah kindly gave me a surprise gift: a cute little puppy. I brought her home, to the happiness of all my loved ones. Then I thought of giving her a name. I talked with my family to help me think of a good name. Somebody called her "Pulots" short for pulutan. Somebody else called her "Carrot." And somebody called her Butete because of her big tummy. We decided on the last name, but to make it sound better, we made it "Butet."

During Butet's first nights with us, she did not stop making noise from her barking and crying. When my father could not sleep because of all the noise Butet was making, he took her out to join our older dog Bintoy.

Butet and I enjoyed playing with each other. When I came back from school, we always played by chasing each other. I love her and she loves me. She likes to lick my face. And you know, sometimes she kisses Bintoy because she loves him too.

Sometimes, I get angry with her when she barks at me. I also don't want her to play with strangers and not to always cry. But her endearing qualities are that she is smart, affectionate and often quiet. This is my story of Butet.

Miracle Cat

On her way home, Nowa saw a scrawny, pathetic, abandoned kitten.  She adopted her and we gave her the name Unggi.


Unggi, the squatter turned princess cat


By Kara Resurreccion


One night, my brother and my sister found a kitten on their way home. And when I saw the kitten, I was really surprised because it was so thin and small. Then we gave it a bath and introduced it to the family, and to the dogs. We were all so happy with the cat.  We called her Unggi


One night, my mother got home late, we were so happy playing with the cat that we laughed harder and harder. At the same time, the kitten will go outside the door and my mother will close the door, then the door closed on the kitten’s neck and cracked the spine the poor animal became epileptic and after a while, it became motionless. Its front legs were paralyzed. We cried and cried until the end of the night. Then I prayed to God, “LORD, PLEASE HEAL THIS CAT, GIVE IT THE WILL POWER TO LIVE. I LOVE THIS CAT NO MATTER WHAT LORD, PLEASE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”


After two days, when we woke up, our cat is trying to walk! I shouted to the whole house that the cat is walking, “naglalakad na yung pusa!”


After that happened, I really rejoiced to god and thanked god for the MIRACLE!