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Family Traits

Tungkol sa Amin
Family Traits
Aming Angkan
How to be a Blessed Family
Aming Alagang Hayop
The Passionate Family
By Pepin Resurreccion


Rene Resurreccion - As the head of the family, my father makes sure that the family is intact. He has always envisioned an intellectual family with strong moral values. He makes it clear that a certain hierarchy in the family is observed and that respect is channeled correctly. It is a big deal for my father that all members of the family strictly observe authority. Family honor is very important to him and the family members should do what they have to do for the honor of our family.

Anji Resurreccion - She is a very supportive and caring mother. She endures any hardships that come her way. In any case, she keeps the family holding together. In the family business, she plays a major part. Without her, the business as well as our home would collapse and cease to exist. My mother is a woman of utmost patience and understanding. She does her duty well and without question. My father often expresses his adoration for her by telling us that a man could not find a better woman like my mother.

Jose Israel Resurreccion (Pepin) - Had I been another person, I'd see Jose Israel as a deep, silent person. That's what most people tell they observe of me. I keep to myself and maintain a specific boundary with other people. I am not exactly antisocial; I just keep a certain circle of friends, acquaintances and active relations. I enjoy intelligent conversations with my peers. Though generally indifferent and oftentimes apathetic, I care a great deal about those who are dear to me.

Hannah Laya Resurreccion (Nowa) - My first sister is a complicated person. If one was to meet her for the first time, he/she might think that she is a simple person. She is actually sometimes hard to get along with because of her mercurial attitude. Shallow people who cannot see past her sudden moodiness will never get to know the real gem of a person that is my sister. Though often she seems like she's getting the best out of other people, she's actually working to make the same person's life better.

Rene Mikhael Resurreccion (Miki) - My only brother used to be a meek boy with no self-confidence. He used to be bullied around and tagging along others. Now, he is becoming an adult with a distinct personality. He is fun for people to be around because he is easy to get along with. His lack of self-esteem has been replaced by a certain amount of assertiveness and pride. Though sometimes his pride goes over his head, he is nonetheless quick to remorse.

Anji Milcah Resurreccion (Kara) - Of all my siblings, I raised my second sister to mature quickly the most. I used to explain to her various things and the attitudes, mannerisms and emotions of people. As a result, Kara is more mature than other children of her age. She never cried because someone teased her. She just shrugs and moves away. Her confidence has never faltered whenever she is tested about things she knows about. She simply voices what she knows.

Miki's Point of View
By Miki Resurreccion


This family is not an ordinary family, as many writers would say: "This family is just like any ordinary family." Rubbish! Whoever had a father that would create speeches that would break amplifiers apart? Well, maybe there are people OUT THERE that are courageous enough to say, "I'm better than that Rex Resurreccion!" Well I don't think so! None can ever beat my father! Never, you hear (read rather)? Anyway, we get on with the main goal of this composition. Oh, before I forget, EVERYTHING you will read in this composition is just my opinion.

We start with Rene S.L. Resurreccion, alias Rex! He certainly loves to listen to the kinds of music that are obviously old, and to foreign music such as Jewish music. He is doubtlessly the most POWERFUL, most EXTRAORDINARY man in the East (Asia)! He is a businessman that handles a business, obviously, named Passion for Perfection. He delivers very powerful (take the literal meaning) speeches and he passes on his talent to his children. This man we are talking about is a father of 4 kids and the husband of a wife. He is the replica of his father, as one of my aunt said. His idol will not be known by watching American Idol or Star Struck! He will only be known by reading the Holy Word of God: The Bible. His name is Jesus Christ. Everything he does is according to what He does. Get it? In other SIMPLER words for SIMPLER people, everything Rex does is based on what Jesus does. Like, "Hate the sin but love the sinner" or "When someone asks you to walk one mile, walk two miles" or even "In all your ways acknowledge Him (God) and He will make your paths straight." When I was a kid, I even thought that my father was unbeatable and without a negative side. In all that my father does, he outpours his best. He has a passion for excellence that is. Or you might say, he has a Passion for Perfection.

Next is Angelita B. Resurreccion, alias Anji! She loves to listen to OLD music as in music that are over a hundred years old at least. She is the Business Manager, which I don't fully understand. This person I'm talking about is the "guinea pig." For we always want to joke with her, make fun of her, and other things we are pleased to do with her. She's a sport; she's not a party-pooper. She is also a neat freak. You know, many of the things she wants contradicts what we want. But she's soft hearted and easily blends with what WE want. I even heard one of my aunts say that if you want someone to laugh at your joke, whether corny or funny, tell it to Anji. Maybe it's just because she's following the Dale Carnegie principles. She's the best mother one COULD ever have. It is just too bad that God blessed her to me, ha! God is so good to mankind. Ms. Anji is a very caring, sweet, and etc. mother. In my opinion, the only thing that she lacks is height. She is almost perfect. And I would also want to have someone LIKE HER to govern my children and to take care of our properties. Anyway, we don't joke with our father the way we joke with her not because we're not close to our father, not also because we fear him, it's just because we don't want to disturb him.

Now I'll tell you about my brother. His name is Jose Israel B. Resurreccion. He's called Pepin in our home. He loves to listen to Rock, Rap, and Metal. He is a simple person with a great mind! He never fails to make me laugh with his jokes, especially when I was a very young child. He's very supportive of us siblings and he gives real good advices for he went through the same problems I do. I can feeeeeeeeel it. Many people say he's too serious or suplado. What a pack of lies! When was he too serious, eh? You tell me! Well, maybe SOMETIMES. But when he's at home, he always jokes around. This person here is a VERY talented man. You know, even if he's "hard to cope with," especially when you just met him for the first time, you'll see DeEp in him that he's an intellectual guy. He's not a nerd! If you think he's a nerd, then I'll, I'll, umm, nothing. But he's not a nerd. He's the coolest guy here on earth. His taste in clothes is very normal. Just like the typical U.P. student. For he IS a U.P. student 2nd Year College. Their mentality is shoes / sandals, shorts / pants, and shirt. Done! Poof! Voila! You're ready to battle the day! Anyway, my kuya is cool, intelligent, supportive, conservative, and very loving to his siblings. He loves us very much that he CAN'T stand hearing one of us being bullied. I assure you that if ANYONE bullies one of us, he's going to hunt for that person. Whether that person is a male or a female, a wise man or an idiot, has teeth or none, he's going to hunt for him. In my former school, The Seed Montessori, EVERYONE feared him. I remember one time when someone was making fun of me, his friend warned, "Wag mong aasarin 'yan, si Pepin ang kuya nyan! (Don't insult him for his brother is Pepin!)."

Next is my sister, Hannah Laya B. Resurreccion. Nickname: Nowa. She loves to listen to Sentimental music and R&B's and Acoustic. She has a queer name for many people when they ask for my siblings' names and I mention Nowa. They ask me if she's a male. But when I tell them that she's a she, they ask me, "How old is she? Is she still single? Does she have a boyfriend? What / where is her school?" She is very helpful. She has a real golden voice. She is also strict especially to the youngest. I remember not once, not twice, but more than thrice, that when my youngest sister doesn't eat her lunch, Nowa put together the lunch and dinner of my little sister for her to eat. And she never lets my little sister leave the table until finished eating. Ms. Nowa is very responsible in doing her responsibilities and I bet she's the most responsible of us all. She is the queen of her 2nd school The Seed Montessori. She was like a bouncer that no one dared to hurt, not even the people in High School, though Nowa was just a sixth-grader then. My mother found that out and she let her attend ballet classes to give her some lessons on being poised. But after the classes, I asked my mother about the results. And she replied that almost nothing happened. Well, maybe there are SOME changes but they're not visible. She is now studying in Fairview Baptist Academy 3rd Year High School. She's very cultured for she loves to read books like Walk Two Moons, The Little White Horse, Beverly Cleary books, Narnia series, A Series of Unfortunate events, etc. She is real extraordinary. At the start, she never liked reading books. My mother tried all the persuasion she could just to make her read more books and watch less television but without success. She was almost without hope until she let Nowa take the Kumon Reading Program. Nowa finished it. When she did, my parents grew a hole in their pockets for Nowa kept urging them to buy her this book, that book, these books and those books. It was a real large hole for in only ONE night, my sister would finish a one-inch thick book with letters as small as these. This size is not as big as you think, you know. And so in the end, my parents had to make her stop reading too much. Real funny! But that's not the only effect of the Kumon. It also sharpened her comprehension skills. And until now, no book possessed the courage to stand in her way. No book survived when she was introduced to them. And I say it again, none. The only books that were good enough to beat my sister are Information Books.

Next is me! Rene Mikhael B. Resurreccion, a.k.a. Miki. I have a weird nickname if you are a Japanese, since Miki is a female name in Japan. But who cares? My brother created it! And I must be proud for what I have for that is my father's training: to be joyful in what you have in possession. I love listening to classical music, music that are created by an orchestra, like music played in several PC games. I am Miki, the third son of Rex and Anji, and the creator of this composition. Any comments, objections, or violent reactions? Well, you should reply to my e-mail address. Too bad I won't be giving it to you, ha! I am an almost ordinary person. And I am 13 yrs. old. Although my birthday is the 13th of October 1990, it's like this. A person is born approximately 9 months after he's conceived in his mother's womb, right? So when I subtract 9 months from October, which is the month of my birth, I get January. Meaning, I was born in October but I would gain one more year in my total age since I was conceived in the month of January. So here's my question: why does one-year count when someone passes his birthday? Anyway, I'm a student that is very attracted to a considerably great no. of women, many of which I don't even remember the face or the name. I am in Claret First Year High School. I also deliver good speeches but mine are no better than those of my brother and elder sister. I'm also good in Math, I believe. And that is also because of Kumon. I remember when I was still in Grade one I was using "kodigos" in answering VEEEEEEERY simple problems. But now, my specialty is Math. I even impress my sexy, cute, nice, and very beautiful teacher. I sometimes come to her classroom where she is all alone and there we talk with no one bothering us. There is also this teacher in English that is very impressed with my Personal Essay, and once again, with the help of Kumon.

And so, we come to Anji Milcah B. Resurreccion, more known as Kara. This kid we are talking about is microscopically small. She is funny in a very crazy way. She is very talented in the art of music. She is attending ballet classes, just like her sister. She often leaves her lunch almost untouched and her sister "teaches" her a lesson for doing so. She is cute, mature for her age, but she hardly respects people. Except for her kuya and our father. Hint: I am not her kuya, I'm her diko. She respects her kuya for of course, there is NO ONE that stepped in our house that does not fear my kuya. Except for my parents and visitors. Kara is in Grade 3 and in Fairview Baptist Academy. I can say more about Kara if she's older, because she hasn't bloomed all her talents YET.

Next is Kethyl B. Bajaro, my mother's first cousin, nicknamed 'Yeng.' She is very responsible and whenever my parents are away, the whole household is entrusted to her hands. She is very funny and has supposedly curly hair. She is also a simple person on the outside but different on the inside, just like many special people. She is creative and lives a carefree life.

Next are Richa Alfeche and Miggy Navaro. They help to make our lives easier and they are treated as equals, mind you. For God created everyone in His image. Whether that person is stupid or intelligent, good or evil, he is still the creation of God. Richa, or Cha-cha, loves to sing just as Britney Spears loves to make a fool of herself. We can't stop her from making Britney Spears her idol though. Well, I CAN accept that Britney Spears creates nice songs and has a nice body. Cha-cha cooks the food in our house. And I believe that when it is time for her to leave our house, she'll bring along with her the skills she honed in our home. Miggy, or Megnon, or Megs is the best that washes the clothes at home. My mother told us herself that no one cleaned our clothes better than Megs. Well, maybe she's not that smart but she's strong and possibly can endure more physical hardship than I can.

Last is Bintoy Resurreccion. He is the guard every day and every night. But don't let the gate behind you open for he will surely come out of it. He's confined at home for he bit a foolish man that was challenging him. I don't know why he joins a gang even though it is not the thing my father teaches us at home. He is an omnivore of course but he eats green more than he eats meat. And he already has a family. He did not finish college, high school or even elementary. For he can't comprehend human tongue. Can you already guess what kind of creature this is? He's our dog. And he's one of the eldest dogs that lived with us. We got his name from two of our last dogs, namely Vincent and Utoy. Vincent was named after a cartoon character and was killed by a passing tricycle. For he loved chasing vehicles. This dog had no breeding and ate the same way Bintoy does. Utoy was a pure-bred German Shepherd. His first name was Daks or is that Dacks? Or Dax? Or Dacs? Well, my father didn't show any interest in the name. And he said, "Mga Pinoy naman tayo eh, di dapat Pinoy din pangalan n'yang aso, (We're Filipinos so the dog's name must also be Filipino)," he thought for a while and suggested, "dapat Utoy na lang. (Its name should be Utoy)." My kuya laughed his lungs out with the suggested name and commented that the name was so inappropriate. But he later agreed. The death of this wonderful dog was over-fatigue, I think. (Note: Bintoy died last May 2005)

And so that ends this composition.

  • Lovers of God
  • Bible believers
  • Nationalistic
  • Scientific-minded
  • Business-minded
  • Frugal with ourselves/ good savers
  • Generous givers to others
  • High common sense / practical
  • Idealistic
  • Passionate
  • Todo-bigay sa gawain


  • Bad temper
  • Too private
  • Weak interpersonal skills
  • Self-righteous
  • Superior attitude

"Praise the Lord. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands. His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever." (Psalm 112:1-3)